Selecting the Right Blueberries

Most Blueberry cultivars are self-fertile however all will have a better fruit set with another Blueberry cultivar of the same type planted near-by.


CultivarTypePollinate withRipens fromEvergreen/Deciduous
Blue Crop Northern HighbushDixi or MuffinFebruary-MarchDeciduous
Blue DawnRabbit EyeBlue Magic or Tasty BlueJanuaryEvergreen
Blue JoyNorthern HighbushMuffinDecember-JanuaryDeciduous
Blue Magic (Whitu)Rabbit EyeBlue Dawn or Tasty BlueDecember-JanuaryEvergreen
CenturionRabbit EyeTifblue or SouthlandFebruaryEvergreen
ClimaxRabbit EyeBlue Dawn or Powder BlueJanuaryEvergreen
DeliteRabbit EyePowder Blue or SouthlandMarchEvergreen
DixiNorthern HighbushBlue Crop or Blue JoyFebruaryDeciduous
MarimbaSouthern HighbushMisty or Petite BlueDecemberDeciduous
MistySouthern HighbushMarimba or Petite BlueDecemberDeciduous
MuffinNorthern HighbushBlue JoyJanuary & MarchDeciduous
O’NealSouthern HighbushMarimba or Petite BlueNovember- JanuaryDeciduous
Pat Bates Big BlueNorthern HighbushDixi or Blue JoyDecember & MarchDeciduous
Petite BlueSouthern HighbushMarimba or MistyDecember - MarchDeciduous
Powder BlueRabbit EyeTifblue or CenturionJanuary - MarchEvergreen
SouthlandRabbit EyeTifblue or CenturionFebruary - AprilEvergreen
Tasty BlueRabbit EyeBlue Magic or Blue DawnDecember-FebruaryEvergreen
TifblueRabbit EyeDelite or Powder BlueFebruary - MarchEvergreen

Ripening times may vary depending on the season and planting situation.


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