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Well it doesn't take much to guess where these invaluable garden plants come from - the name says it all. Though most varieties do in fact originate from Japan, Japonicas can also be found in Korea and China. In Asia, Japonicas have been cultivated for their ornamental value for over 300 years. The Western world embraced and continued this cultivation from the 19th century onwards starting with chosen seedlings. Their popularity is such that there are now literally thousands to choose from.  

The flower type is wide and varied and you will often see them described as Single, Semi-double, Formal, Peony, Anemone and Rose form. Try not to get confused by all of that and simply make your choices from what apeals when you see the plants are in flower at the nursery or by browsing our website. As beauty really is in the eye of the beholder it is simply a matter of personal taste.  


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