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This variety of Camellia is so fantastic and versatile you're definitely going to want some for your garden. So let's start with how to pronounce the name - "Sa - sang - kwa". Now you can be sure you'll be shown the right plant when you head into the nursery - and the boys will be impressed!  

Originating in Japan these Camellias are known as the "Autumn Camellia" as they start flowering from as early as March. The flowers are usually quite small, often single and produced in such profusion it is sometimes difficult to see the foliage. Many have a soft delicate fragrance. The leaves are small, dainty and quite pointed. When the new foliage emerges towards spring it is quite soft and sensual with warm bronzy tones, which eventually mature to the more familiar glossy dark green. Despite the beauty of the flowers it is the foliage which provides the versatility so loved by landscape designers and gardeners all over the world.   


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Picture of Camellia Yuletide

Sasanqua. This a cheerful little Camellia that just smothers itself in bright red single flowers from winter through to spring. The flowers are offset with prominent gold stamens. Slow growing with a compact habit. Ideal for containers, hedging or brightening up a dull corner of the garden. Evergreen.

'Yuletide' can be grown in morning sun or part shade.


Colour: Red / Gold
Habit: Compact
Est. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs: 2.5m x 2m

Camellia Yuletide

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Camellia Yuletide

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