Picture of Persea Avocado Bacon

A popular Avocado with fruit that ripens summer-autumn. It is a beautiful evergreen tree that loves a warm sheltered position with excellent drainage. The fruit is rich in mono-unsaturated oils, proteins and vitamins. Delicious nutty flavour. Protect from frost when young. Most cold hardy variety, down to -5c. Group B Evergreen. Est.10yr.growth.

Pollination is helped in the cooler areas if you have avocados from both group A and B Varieties.
Suitable for warmer areas including Auckland/Northland


Persea Avocado Bacon ZU

Current Stock Height: 60/80 cm  ? 

Container: pb10  ? 

New stock arriving beginning of February, 2020. Pre-order now. Estimated price $59.99 each. Payment when stock arrives.

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