Picture of Pear Red Bartlett PC

A popular and highly ornamental Pear with aromatic melting flesh. This pear has beautiful wine-purple skin turning brilliant scarlet when ripe, great for dessert or bottling. Generally self-fertile but best planted with Conference, Packhams Triumph or Winter Nelis. Ripens around February. Deciduous.

Pears are vigorous growers and are more tolerant of adverse conditions than some other fruit trees. However they are happiest in the sun with shelter from harsh wind. They are indifferent to soil type but prefer it to be well drained.


Colour: White
Habit: Upright
Est. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs: 5m x 3m

Pear Red Bartlett PC

Current Stock Height: 180/200 cm  ? 

Container: pb18  ? 


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