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We have all heard the expression ‘a bad workman always blames his tools'; - well as gardeners, it really is essential that we have the right Tools, Accessories, Fertilisers and Sprays to ensure that we not only provide the optimum conditions for fabulous growth, but that we have fun doing it! If we have the right tools for the job at hand, we are sure to do it well. And doing the job well will surely result in flourishing gardens.

We have sourced a high quality range of the most frequently used and needed products and have made them available for you to purchase on the website when you do your other online shoping.

Picture of Tool Stake Wooden 1.8m

1.8m wooden stake, available in 3.8cm width with a pointed end for ease of placement. Great for staking up ornamental or fruit trees or making frames for frost cloth.


Colour: Assorted

Tool Stake Wooden 180 x 25 x 25mm

Current Stock Height: 1.8m

Container: 1.8m  ? 


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