Pear Pollinators

The most essential factor for pear pollination is that the two trees must flower at the same time. This varies from region to region and season to season. Pears that have been grafted as doubles or triples have been specially se1ected for their ability to pollinate each other.


VarietyRipening PeriodSuggested Pollinators
Belle de JumetJanuary-FebruarySelf fertile
Beurre BoscMarch-AprilWilliams bon Chretien or Winter Nelis
Beurre Diel - Heritage PearApril-MayConference or Packhams Triumph
Beurre Hardy – Heritage PearMarch-AprilConference or Williams bon Chretien
ConcordeApril-MaySelf fertile or assist with Doyenne du Comice
ConferenceMarch-AprilSelf fertile or assist with Williams bon Chretien or Louise Bonne de Jersey
Doyenne du ComiceMarch-AprilBeurre Bosc, Williams bon Chretien or Winter Nelis
Durondeau – Heritage PearMarch-AprilPartially Self fertile assist with Williams bon Chretien
Garden Belle – Dwarf PearFebruary-MarchWilliams bon Chretien or Conference
HollierMarch-AprilWinter Nelis or Williams bon Chretien
Hosui – Asian PearMarch-AprilSelf fertile or assist with Kousi, Shinseiki or Shinsui
Jargonelle – Heritage PearFebruary-MarchConference, Durondeau or Winter Nelis
Kosui – Asian PearMarch-AprilHousi or Shinseiki
Louise Bonne de JerseyMarch-AprilWinter Nelis, Conference or Packhams Triumph
Morettini Early – Heritage PearFebruary-MarchWilliams bon Chretien
Packhams Triumph – Heritage PearMarch-AprilBeurre Bosc, Williams bon Chretien, Durondeau
Red BartlettFebruary-MarchWinter Nelis, Packhams Triumph
SeckelMarch-AprilWinter Nelis, Conference
Soldat Laboreur – Heritage PearApril-MayWilliams bon Chretien
Stark CrimsonFebruary-MarchWilliams bon Chretien or Winter Nelis
Taylors GoldApril-MayBeurre Bosc, Williams bon Chretien or Winter Nelis
Williams bon ChretienFebruary-MarchBeurre Bosc or Winter Nelis
Winter ColeApril-MayWilliams bon Chretien or Beurre Bosc
Winter NelisApril-MayBeurre Bosc or Williams bon Chretien
Worden Seckel – Heritage PearMarch-AprilConference or Packhams Triumph


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