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Although Leucadendrons are native to South Africa they are grown world wide wherever a warm niche in a garden can be found. Having come from a hot climate these plants thrive in the hot spots of your garden, no frosts for these guys, they love the heat. Drought tolerant and low maintenance when the right conditions are achieved. Stunningly colourful with each stalk ending in a brightly coloured inflorescence. Leucadendrons usually reach up to aprox 1.2-1.8m high and wide. They like very well drained, acid soil and a quick cut back after flowering to maintain their shape and size. Flowers are great for picking and last well in the vase.


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Picture of Leucadendron Waterlily

A popular female cultivar valued for the showy rosette shaped bracts that decorate the shrub in late winter. The bracts are in tones reddish-cream and surround the small brown flower-head. Happiest in a well drained, sunny position in acid soil. Protect from harsh frost.

Do not be tempted to fertilize your Leucadendron with artificial fertilizers that have phosphate or high nitrogen as it will give them a fatal case of indigestion.


Colour: Cream / Red
Habit: Compact
Est. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs: 100cm x 100cm

Leucadendron Waterlily

Current Stock Height: 20cm

Container: 2.5l  ? 


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