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Tilia, aka Linden tree, is a medium to large tree with a wide growth habit. Although no relation to a fruiting Lime, they are sometimes called The Lime Tree or Small-leaved Limes.

This handsome trees has an open canopy and allows dappled sunlight and shade to filter through to plants growing beneath it. The fragrant cup-shaped flowers appear mostly in summer the bark is smooth and silvery gray; the fruit is dry and nut-like. Some species have colourful winter shoots.

Tilias are easy to grow, requiring minimal care, they are a perfect specimen tree and show well when planted along a wide driveway, or lining streets and avenues.


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Picture of Tilia Petiolaris


This tall, deciuous tree has weeping branches rather than a weeping habit. The backs of its dark green leaves are fuzzy and white, turning the tree silver in a breeze. It grows to 21 meters tall and 12 meters wide. This is a tough tree with hanging clusters of small, pale yellow, fragrant flowers in summer.


Tilia Petiolaris

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