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Tuesday 16th July, 2019


Just letting you know that we will be having a planned power outage in our area tomorrow from 9am to 3pm.

This will affect all of our systems including our phones, as we are fully digital, so you may not be able to get through to us via phone. 

We will have the use of a power generator which should keep a computer operational and so be able to  maintain our online presence however we will still have limited computer access in store in regard to orders and accounts so we ask for your patience if shopping locally.  

Dispatch of orders may also be delayed due to this planned outage, however it is anticipated that any orders that are dispatched via courier will be notified via email with tracking as usual.

We will do our best to minimise any inconvenience caused due to this loss of power and we thank you for your patience.

The Wairere Team

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